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What is there to do in Edinburgh at Christmas?

Christmas is one of the most sought after festivals for most of us. We wait throughout the year for this moment to come and started planning very early. It can put us under tremendous pressure if we don’t plan it in advance because there are lots of expenses involved in it. Hence, in order to enjoy your Christmas holiday without any stress, you have to manage your finance at Christmas very well.

Once you have sorted out your financial planning, now it comes to where would you like to spend your Christmas evening. This choice varies from people to people. Some people like to spend the evening with their family, relatives and loved one. Some like to visit new places during their Christmas vacations.

To give you some insight into different places in Scotland, here in this article, we will explore the best places in Edinburgh to visit during Christmas.

The capital of Scotland, Edinburgh is the best place to see and enjoy. You will have a wonderful experience going there and exploring the city. Its beauty is astonishing and unique. But it is more than just a pretty face. We will take a closer look and discover more about the city.

Annual Santa Run

Every year during Christmas, a small group of people dressed as Santa takes to the street of Edinburgh running and walking around the city, all for the charity purpose. It will be a lot of fun and a nice way to celebrate Christmas surrounded by all these people.

Annual Santa Run

You just need to dress up like a Santa and take part in the activity. Don’t forget to register yourself in advance for the event.

Christmas Markets

Christmas Markets in Edinburgh

Edinburgh has markets to suit everyone. You will find all types of markets in the city like the fashion market, vintage clothing market, farmers market, etc. Edinburgh Christmas market in Princes Street Garden and George Street is very popular and you cannot afford to miss it.

Loony Dook

Loony Dook in Chritsmas Time

It is an old Scottish tradition wherein after staying up awake all night on New Year’s Eve and drinking too much alcohol, people take a dip into freezing cold river. This would look insane but it is great fun. Through this, they gather fund for charity. If you don’t want to take part in the activity then you can just watch people having fun and contribute something in charity.

Ice Skating

ice skating edinburgh christmas market

It is not only markets. There are lots of other things to do in Edinburgh during Christmas like ice skating. It will be set up around St Andrew Square in the heart of Christmas market; you can joy the ride along with some classical music.

Cameo Cinema

Cameo Cinema

After spending time in ice skating, you would definitely like to have some relaxed time. For an eventful evening, you can pay a visit to the Cameo cinema, which is Edinburgh’s most lovable and independent cinema. It has a comfortable bar attached to it and it shows some excellent movies. It was opened in 1914 so it’s one of the oldest cinemas of Scotland. It is also famous for the Edinburgh International Film Festival where national and international film directors come for the premiere of their film.

Cosy Pubs

We know sometimes the weather doesn’t support us in our endeavor to enjoy the festival time and you need some warm place where you can go and have a glass of wine and watch drama or play.

Cosy Pubs in Christmas

If you are looking for the same then Edinburgh has some of the best cozy pubs that you will find nowhere. So, have a good time this Christmas and enjoy with your family or friends in Edinburgh’s electric environment.

Visit to King’s Theatre

Visit to King’s Theater

Opened in 1906 King’s Theatre is a famous venue for performing arts and play in Edinburgh. It is one of the most prestigious and luxurious buildings in Scotland. It conducts various live acts and dramas. It is home to an extremely popular Christmas gathering.



This is Scotland’s famous New Year celebration and a lively the three-day party held in Edinburgh is famous across entire Scotland. It starts with a torchlight procession and fireworks on 30th December. Then there is a grand party on the eve of 31st December in Princes Street. If you are in Edinburgh during this time then you should take part in this event definitely. It will be an overwhelming experience.

Festival Square Theatre

Festival Square Theatre

It is a temporary pop up theater located at Festival Square. During festival time, it hosts a few grand shows. Since these shows are very popular among audiences, you have to do the bookings in advance.

 Enjoy a Tasty Christmas Dinner

Christmas celebration will remain incomplete without a tasty and delicious dinner. And when you are in Edinburgh for celebrations then you might want to have a special dinner for you and your family. Traditional Scottish Christmas meals are very famous which includes roasted meat, fish in Turkey style. The traditional dessert in Edinburg is Christmas pudding.

Tasty Dinner

You will find multiple restaurants offering special holiday menus in Edinburgh on Christmas Eve. Don’t forget to reserve your table in advance as during festival time most of the tables are already booked. Many restaurants are closed on Christmas day so it is better to check their opening date and time before.

Final Word

Edinburgh is an excellent place to celebrate your Christmas. There is a number of other great attractions for all age group. The city’s great attraction is its Hogmanay (New Year’s Party) which goes for three days. We hope you have gained some insights about what to do in Edinburgh during Christmas.

The festive seasons bring out the best in us. We want to make our loved ones happy through some gift and wonderful vacations. In order to let this happen, you have to manage your finance properly.


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