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Where is the most expensive place to live in UK?

Gone are the days when people were eager to seek the cheapest places to live. The era today is of luxury, status and wealth. People are desperate to switch to expensive cities that enhance their status symbol, tag with as modern people and give the satisfaction of materialism.

No doubt the UK is one of the most desirable parts of the world and people who live here or migrate here yearn to lead a good life here. The cities of this island nation are expensive, and that is because people accumulate there for their ambitions.

Here is a list of 10 most expensive cities in the UK and you certainly should have a look at them.


Is Canterbury a nice place to live?

– When you talk about this city, you talk about a UNESCO tagged World Heritage Site that is known for its historical monuments. But do not misinterpret this place as a slow and dreary corner of the world. It can make you discuss thoroughly on your monthly bills and credit card transactions that go high because it is not the city of spendthrifts. Career goals get a portion of good food here, and people here always get backed up with new advancements in urban lifestyle.


Is Cambridge worth visiting?

– Oh, yes, the future making students know this city due to Cambridge University.  The salaried people are a melting point of all the job opportunities. The house prices here increase every year, and despite this fact, people want to live here. This city constructs tomorrow for many who come here to have a progressive life.


Is it worth going to Cambridge?

– The University City in central southern England, is another name not to miss when you talk about the expensive corners in the UK. This spot is always going up in the expenses from essential utilities to the fashion stuff. Oh, the house price, yes that too goes up but with rational reasons. Education, career, marriage, retirement, everything is smooth here.


– Can you miss to take the name of this city? No, certainly not. The public transport, infrastructure, malls, medical services, all necessary facilities are at their best. Also, the lavish souls who want to spend good time in clubs and restaurants and bars have no reason to feel disappointment. It is a focus for most of the celebrities and the directors when they find a perfect location.


– If you do not want to stay devoid of a brighter future, Bristol is the correct city for you. The most beautiful thing about it is that it embraces the people of all age groups. The town is fast as well as slow at the same time. You can make a good career and can also live a peaceful life after retirement. Bristol is taking a good part in the mainstream of development. It is the 10 most populous city of England.


– Southampton is the port city of England on the south coast. You will find here the famous Southampton art gallery and sea city museum. As compared to the average salary, the house prices here are 9.2 times higher. Still, people are always eager to make this place their permanent abode. Many years, thousands of people migrate here for varied reasons. The city is known for its perfect balance of the green area and urban development.


– It is considered as the happiest city to live in the UK. Perhaps the healthy lifestyle and the positive attitude of the people here make it possible. The buzzy and fun-loving city is equally known for providing great opportunities to the job seekers and new married couple. It is also among the hidden honeymoon corners of the world. A great place to start your life. It is also known for its healthy and fresh air quality.


– Look who is here? YESSS, talking about a nation without any mention of its capital is like a sin. London, no doubt, needs no introduction for anything. Whatever is your reason to choose a city, stay sure that it will be satisfied here only. The town is a beautiful blend of culture and modern life. It is the largest city of England and thus deserves to be on the list. The love for river Thames attracts many here. Love, food, career, whatever is your focus in life, you will get it here. Yes, the house prices are high as expected, and you need to have a good job and financial stability to afford your survival here.


– It is a cathedral city of England. 20 miles away from Southampton, the city is well known for providing great space to the self-employed people. The outskirts of the town are known as the industry-friendly area. Also, the city is the right place for the small home-based businesses that you run from home. Fewer people know that this city is also a beautiful tourist spot. There is so much to expect from this place that those who live here say that you can understand the promising nature of this place only when you live here.


– A significant part of England, the place is known for its timeless importance for those who seek advancement. Life here is full of possibilities as the place is always ready to embrace every new change that happens in the human civilisation. The young and the old, all have their reasons to satisfy from this place. Whether it is about good school education or friendly laughing clubs for the old, the people here are always happy.

The above cities are no doubt best if you are looking for expensive cities. However, buying a house in any one of these can be costly. But fortunately, the UK is one of the places that has accepted the liberal Fintech culture. You can even get poor credit mortgages at Shine Mortgages, John Charcol or through other mortgage brokers. You can choose anyone as every city is best and provides the perfect reasons to live and stay. Just make sure that the place is in the right harmony to your budget and financial capacity.

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