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How do I spend a day in Chester?

Chester, UK the walled city of Cheshire, England is a magnet for tourists. One cannot even try to feel bored, as so much is here to do. The city is sleepless in nights but not in negative sense but because it is always flashy at that time. People wander here and there drenched in joy enjoying the delicious meals and hypnotising beers.

Not only in nights but also in days, this place is a bliss for a wanderlust. Your outdoorsy soul can find all feasts here. Even those with little or no interest in travelling can enjoy the zeal while staying at one place. The serene nature too has bestowed its blessings on Chester with beauty. The outskirts of the city are different from what you see in the urban culture inside.

From all over the world, people come to take a look at one of the most promising and advanced places of England. It is a blend of history enriched monuments and advanced lifestyle. Those on business trips can find everything necessary for professional reasons. Multi storied buildings, advanced infrastructure, well-maintained roads are here and growing more. No doubt, the multinational companies consider Chester for their business expansion. After all, it is an ever-growing city with everything in 24×7 access.

The families that visit the city can fulfil every desire in their list. From adventure sports to amusement parks, the ride of joy can include unlimited options. Even for the people who live here have exciting weekend plans to share. Ask them and get new ideas to enjoy.

If you are looking forward to visit to Chester these are the 10 THINGS you can IN FACT you should do.

  1. Nature and parks – For those who love nature as well as wild life

You can keep wandering whole day, as there are many options to choose, explore and exploit. Grosvenor park, Countess of Chester Country Park, Lloyds Meadow Fishery are timeless in choice. Every weekend and every year, these parks host countless beholders from all over the world.

No need to mention that the whole England is rich in its natural resources and beauty. Chester is a little sample of that grace. However, with time, the city is more about the urban culture and area. Not to worry, still you can see the heaven making a good chemistry with this place in the springtime.

  1. Fun activities to keep you rejuvenated

This is a must for you if your fun loving nature provokes you to keep trying new things. The places like Breakout Chester, Escapism Chester, are your junctions to meet the enjoyment. These are the beautiful places to spend time with family while playing different games. The amphitheatre game at Escapism is a great thing to experience as the place greets you with some great hosts.

Kids have so much to enjoy that they can stay consumed all the time and the parents can feel quite sure about it. Kids can enjoy everything. Science museum is an attraction, which is precisely made to help the students to develop a better vision and scientific thinking. Also, meet with the versatile wildlife in the city zoo where the family can spend whole day.

  1. Churches and cathedrals

After some fun and joy, it is time to give some food to your soul with an enhancing tour of churches and cathedrals. Church of St Peter, St. Paul’s Church, Parish Church of St. Mary Without-the-Walls, are some of the main attractions. The history comes to life here and silence that is prevalent, offers unprecedented peace of mind.

The people in the search for a break from chaotic and monotonous life are sure to find the moments of peace here. Are you in the same search? Then meet with your inner self and go through an actual self-realisation that is rejuvenating and energises your body. Such moments help you to get back to the materialistic world that is challenging, tough and annoying sometimes. Christmas is the most advisable occasion to visit these churches and cathedrals if your actual reason to visit Chester is spiritual.

  1. Museums

Humans have always kept the precious things and landmarks with respect. For sure, Chester is not an exception and it too has ways to take care of its pieces from history. Cheshire Military Museum, The Watergate street gallery Alison Bradley Gallery, Within These Walls etc. are great spots to visit the achievements of the city. Also, you can meet the incidents that are still new in the memory of Chester. Good or bad, both the things are there to find. But whatever you see, the only message is ‘life never stops’.

Best Museums in Chester

The best part about the museums is the maintenance. The management takes care of every related thing. You have staff at your service to answer your doubts. The audio descriptions are not only informative but also entertaining with right tone and modulations. The simple language is used to help the little humans understand the rich culture of the city.

  1. Shopping

Oh Yess!! How one can miss this part. After all, this is the best way to take the souvenirs of a place as a memory. Well, Chester has so much to offer you and the options in clothes, electronic gadgets, cosmetics, etc. The markets are full of spark and fun and accompanied with small roadside restaurants to give treat to your tummy after shopping. The malls are also lavishing and crowded like the traditional markets.

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  1. Landmarks and points of interest

After exploring the place with categories, it is now time to get to know things with a bigger perspective. Eastgate clock, Chester in Lego, Chester Rows, Stanley Palace, The Water Tower etc, Chester City Walls, Cathedral Choir, Nature Gardens, Chester Roman Amphitheatre etc. No, wait! There is more to come. The Blue Planet Aquarium and Chester Zoo, Grosvenor Museum, Cheshire Workshops, Beeston and Peckforton Castles etc. Oh, the city has choices to offer in abundance.

The landmarks you see are not just the tourist points but also the part of the graceful history of the city. There is nothing you can miss on this aspect. Whichever city you visit in the world, you will always find something remarkable about that city.

  1. Get closer to the city with Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Tour

If you like wandering around the city, this suggestion can be the best thing for you to experience in Chester. You have two options in this. The 24 hour tour and the 48 hour tour. Pick whatever suits you best. Make sure to carry something to eat if you feel nauseous while on the bus. Make bookings online easily and multiple times are available.

You can enjoy –

  • Chester’s top sights
  • Audio narration through headsets
  • Visit to the lesser known but interesting parts of the city
  • The traditional markets to buy anything to everything
  • Behold the old architecture of the older part of the city

There are 15 stops included in the tour. You can choose to stay in the bus during the entire 60-minute loop. Enjoy the precious beauty of the River Dee that is the jewel of the city and keeps it fresh and green. The exclusions are – Hotel pickup and drop-off, Attraction entry fees, food and drinks, gratuities.

  1. River Dee Half-Hour city cruise

These 30 minutes are going to be most relaxing 30 minutes with the mesmerising river on the cruise. It is like sitting quietly in the lap of your mother quietly and getting friendly with the city. No introduction from a city can be more interesting than this. Also, get a glance of the wildlife that offers the hypnotic view of kingfishers, cormorants, swans.

The highlights of this mini tour are –

  • Enjoy an alternative sightseeing excursion
  • Avoid the crowd of the city
  • Multiple daily departure times available. Choose whatever time suits you best.


The above attractions, activities are interesting, entertaining as well as informative. Anyone from any part of the world can easily relate with the city that provides a great experience in every sense. All seasons are good to visit to the place and for sure, you will have no regretful experience.

You can have a lifetime experience and can learn to love and admire a city of progress. Yes, Chester has always something great to offer. Add special moments in your life with this city and for sure, you will want to come to this place frequently.

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