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Best London Selfie Spot

Whole world is in love with selfie. Since long, it is in the trend of human society but animals too cannot remain untouched. Those cute, fresh clicks with cat, dog and sometimes even wild animals keep taking rounds on our mobiles. Selfie has become the best tool to get famous and also the tool of already famous people to gather the attention.

The subject of ultimate interest is the LOCATION of your selfie. People want to have either a beautiful or a popular background. Also, it is a way to cage memorable moments, for instance your trip to a place.

London Love of Selfie Lovers

There are certain places that are known as the best spots for taking selfie and London is among them. From serene natural outskirts to advanced urban pictures, London gives you everything. This world known location can give you an utterly amazing background to get clicked.

People across the globe accept the importance of London as among the best places to capture their precious moments. The famous places are in abundance here and knowing about them can be beneficial if you are among those who keep the front camera ON.

Here are the best selfie spots of London –


The London Eye – See the city from height

Oh Yes! This is certainly the magnet for the people on the planet. Even the movie directors cannot avoid to include this location. Every now and then, you can keep noticing this place behind the famous faces of film industry.

Can you see Tower Bridge from London Eye?

Great height gives a wide view of the city and thus gives an astonishing background for selfie. It is a 30 minute round in which you reach to the apex in approximately 15 minutes. This is your moment to get captured with the most of the city view behind you. A bright sunny day is a perfect occasion to visit the place as when you reach to the top, the sunlight reflects astonishingly. Your picture will be as bright as the sun. But do not click with the sun just behind you. Otherwise, there will be a lot of flash and shine, which will blur your existence in the picture.

Tower bridge – The beauty of history

Known for its Victorian look, Tower Bridge is among the top locations to get captured in your front camera. There are many locations around and on the bridge that can serve as the perfect background. From the bank of the river Thames, on the tower bridge exhibition or on the bridge’s walkway, whatever suits you best. The picture is sure to be uncompromised in quality. If you are a morning lover, this location is a great stimulator.

Tower Bridge

It shines in the morning sunlight. Although the night time too is brilliant to have a shimmer in your picture. The towers shine beautifully with the lighting and Christmas eve is the best occasion to be there as you cannot afford to miss the hypnotising beauty of the place.

British Museum – Melting point of landmarks

Usually you are not allowed to take pictures in Museums but British Museum is an exceptional case. You can take selifie in front of the exhibits. The main thing you need to take care is that not everywhere you can use the flash. This is because, the exhibits are covered with the glass and using flash there can spoil the picture. The outer as well as the inside area is so big that those who love to have big spaces in background, can find this location absolutely perfect. The best time to take picture outside is the morning time while inside you can click at any time. The beautiful yet mild lighting in the museum is always picture perfect.

British Museum

The inner side of the museum is mostly in white colour and thus you can have bright background. When the light reflects with that white surface, it gives brighter base for a perfect picture. The floor too is white and that adds another slice of beauty. Above all, the upper part of the museum has a ravishing look. Your face with a beautiful roof above will look uncommon and heavenly.

Primrose hill – Place where people gather

Situated in the Regents Park, the hill provides some of the most charismatic views of London. The wide green area and scattered trees provide the alluring mix of nature and city view. Yes, from here you can see some of the known places of the city like London eye. In winters, this place is full of residents; if you want to take a picture with the local crowd then this is your spot. From lunch to evening snacks, you can spend your time here and can keep taking selfies in different light settings as the sun moves down.

What is Primrose Hill famous for?

Weekends bring a big crowd here while if you want peace and solitude then weekdays are good. Make sure that you do take your umbrella in winters as snowfall is a common thing if it is not a bright sunny day.

You know what…..

The above spots are sought-after for selfie lovers. You cover all or some of them, whatever is the choice, the picture is sure to be flawless. You know what, besides the spots, whole London is good to get clicked. Even a simple roadside restaurant can look great as it reflects the culture of the city. Personal priorities and taste are important in selecting the selfie spots. If your nature lover soul demands to go to the outer areas of the city for landscapes, your friend or family member may want to capture the city zeal.

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