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What are the best Italian Restaurants in London

London is one of the most beautiful places and when it comes to Italian restaurants then you can treat your mouth. You can get some of the best places to eat, which can definitely pamper your eyes and leave you open mouth. It is not just about yummy food. Nevertheless, the atmosphere also matters a lot, even when you are travelling with your family or friends.

In fact, if you are a first time traveller or already travelled before, then also you check some of the best places. The benefit to check the list is that from now onwards, you will not miss even a single place to visit and to fill your tummy. In London, 10 best restaurants that can make you feel the best in every term.

Now let us check out Best Italian restaurants Near me in London, England.

  1. Bocconcino, Mayfair

Bocconcino Restaurant in Mayfair, London

It is famous for its best classic Italian food with an elegant environment that can mesmerize anyone. The wall work, the glass walls and lofty ceilings and the copper in the middle of the décor can take anyone’s heart. In fact, the second, you will look to the menu you will fall in love with the design of it. The restaurant is not just famous for its décor but all the dishes they serve are also scrumptious.

Best dishes: – Modern-wood fried pizza and homemade pastas

Timings and days: – 12pm to 12:30 pm but on Sundays, the place open till 10:30pm

  1. Anima e Cuore, Camden town

Anima E Cuore Italian Restaurant Kentish Town

It is one the Italian restaurants, which is not that much famous. But when it comes to best servings, it can take you to the next level if you try once. The place is famous for the simplicity and kind staff with outstanding food. If you like to have a proper non-vegetarian meal, then just go Anima e Cuore without a doubt.  In fact, the place is pocket friendly that will not cost you a lot of pounds.

Best dishes: – Classic Bolognese ragu

Timings and days: – 6-11 pm but closed on Sunday and Monday.

  1. Locanda locatelli

Locanda Locatelli, Seymour Street, Marble Arch

It is one of the places, where every person wants to visit in London. Not just people who are locals rather tourists also love to go there. The display is so beautiful that not anyone can stop himself or herself from complementing. Even the sitting arrangements are so well furnished and amazing that it automatically takes everyone’ eye. If you are going there then you must need to dig yourself into their delicious deserts. In fact, the place is more famous because of Italian chef Giorgio locatelli and the Michelin place.

Best dishes: – Wine with different breads

Timings and days: – 12-3pm, 6-11pm and on Friday, Saturday and Sunday’s it opens till 11:30

  1. Emilia’s crafted pasta

Emilia's Crafted Pasta (St. Katharine Docks)

They are the best specialist and it is not wrong if we give them this name, as they are famous for their fresh and unique handmade pastas. The ingredients they use to make their dishes are so complementing that without even tasting you can feel satisfied. They make fresh pasta every morning to serve the best and they dress it up with some salmon and fresh pesto sauce that is made on slow cook to give it a smoky flavour.

Best dishes: – Hand crafted pastas

Timings and days: – Sunday to Thursday- 12 to 10:00 and on Friday and Saturdays it opens till 9:30.

  1. Al dente, fitzrovia

The food here is so mouth-watering that can take you the next level. The décor has the old sense of touch in the air, which can take you back to the golden era. In fact, the view from the windows is breathtaking that you can stop starring at it.

Italian Recipe at AL DENTE

Although, what to say about the food, everything is good from bruschetta and homemade olive focaccia. Moreover, if you are the seafood food lover, then you need to visit here as the mussels, clams and prawns can take you the height of satisfaction. In fact, if you are vegetarian then also you can visit there, as the place is friendly for veggie eaters also.

Best dishes: – Pastas

Timings and days: – Sun 12:00 pm – 10:00 pm

Mon – Sat 11:30 am – 10:30 pm

  1. Cecconi’s, Shoreditch

It is one of the fine dining restaurants, which can please you overall and put off on the top most places. It is totally an Italian place even the staff also prefers speaking Italian but they also speak English for their non- native speakers. The name of the dishes are so good that can fill your mouth with water as they don’t just look good but on other side, taste the best.

Cecconi's Shoreditch London

Best dishes: – rigatoni all’amatrciana

Timings and days:- Monday –Thursday 07:00–00:30; Friday 07:00–01:30; sat 08:00–01:30; sun 08:00–00:30

  1. Padella, London bridge

Padella is one of the top most famous restaurants in London where every person wants to visit not just Italians. The place is famous for its homemade pasta with affordable prices. Everything is too simple here but when it comes to taste, nothing can beat this place. In fact, they cook their tomato sauce on slow- cooked flame with chicken liver to give it the best taste. Even, the sitting is so good that anyone can fall in love with it and enjoy the environment.

Padella - London Bridge - London - Italian food

Best dishes: – Cacao e pepe, with golden garlic and lemon

Timings: – Monday– Friday 5:00 pm – 10:00 pm and on weekends 12:00 pm – 3:45 pm

  1. Ciao Bella, Lambs Conduit Street

It is one of the classic and old places where anyone can feel relaxed and clam. The atmosphere there loving and friendly that can make you feel so wow. The place is always full packed with people from top to bottom. They are famous for their cakes and pizza as they make with love and serve it with more warmness. It is one of the best places to visit with family and friends and do not forget to take the shot of raspingly sweet limonecello.

Ciao Bella Restaurant - Classic Italian dishes

Best dishes: – Napoletana pizza and tiramisu cake

Timings:-12-11:30pm but on Sundays the will be open till 10:30 only

  1. Bocca di lupo, Soho

The time, you step at this place, your heart starts beating faster as the décor is so eye-catchy that you cannot stop yourself from watching. The place is famous for so many dishes that can full your tummy in one bite. Wow! A sense of relief for you that your tummy just has the best food. Whether, we talk about fried olives, saga leaves or Puglia for a mixed meat grill. Each and every item is available in the proper quantities that can be enough according to your choice.

Bocca di Lupo - Italian dining restaurant

Best dishes: – Ligurian spaghetti with clams, chili and garlic

Timings:-12-3pm, 5-11 pm but there can be a little change in timings on Sundays, other than that all days open.

  1. Flour & grape

Are you willing to give your temptation a pleasure to mouth, then this is the best place to visit? After with its name, you should have got some idea that it is the best. They are famous for their organic food, as if they use pumpkin seeds and smoked eel, beetroot and horseradish, these are few things, which are healthy as well as tasty. In fact, the place is budget friendly so that will not cost you a lot and will give you the sense of relief to your tummy.

Flour & Grape - Homemade Italian Recipe

Best dishes: – The calamarta with squid

Timing and days:- 12-3pm, 5:30 to 10pm, however the timings can differ on Sunday but all days open.

At the end

All these places are the best in themselves but it is totally on you that where you want to travel first. However, do not take a risk even to miss one place, as they are amazing and famous for their best and different type of Italian food. Moreover, you do not have to take stress for the budget as all these places are under budget.

If you are planning to visit London and not sure about which restaurants are the best to eat Italian dishes, then you need to have a look at these 10 places. Now, you can have basic idea that from where you want to start. In fact, do not worry about the timings also because we have mentioned all the timings with places above.

Italian food in London

You can plan your trip according to the open days of each restaurant and their best served dishes. It can totally up to your mood that on which day you want to enjoy the particular meal.

Just enjoy each and every moment with your family by visiting to every travel heaven of London and spread the love between all of them with smile. However, do not get confused with timings as the timings are based according to London’s Big Ben clock.

XYZ is a financial and travelling writer with more than 9 years of work experience and currently working with London loan lender in the UK. She wrote various blogs related to better financial planning. In this blog, she mentioned the top 10 Italian restaurants located in London.

Lily Godfrey

Lily Godfrey is a financial and travelling writer with more than 7 years of work experience and currently working with London loan lender in the UK. She wrote various blogs related to better financial planning. In this blog, she mentioned the top 10 Italian restaurants located in London.

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