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Halloween Costumes Ideas

From lions and foxes to fairy tales and a wacky inflatable tube man, innumerable Halloween costumes are available out there to cast a spell on you. There are millions of brilliant ways to dress up spookily from animals to fictional characters on October 31, not just to pay a respectful gesture to the deceased, but also to look winsome in a Halloween character.

The carnival is round the corner. If you have not sorted your costumes yet, try these options. Not only will you save money, but you will also get a complete touch of creativity. Babies, toddlers and teens, everyone can try these Halloween costume ideas.

Gingham witch costume

Gingham witch costume for Halloween

Gingham witch costume is an amazing idea to cast a serious spell on others. Choose the gingham fabric in any colour and sew it home. Buy a witch hat to get a complete Halloween look. Dress up in black and white to get intense spine-chilling appearance. If you want to get a more witchy and beguiling look, you just need a spooky hat along with a simple plain tutu and leotard.

Bull dress

Bull Costume for Halloween

Kids normally have interest in animals and if your baby is too, this will be a nice and cheaper way to dress up for Halloween. Take a slightly thick fabric and cut it in two pieces leaving the space for armholes. Place the back piece on top of the front piece. Make sure that it overlaps in the middle. Sew side and shoulder seams. Then, you need a pair of horns.

A black cloak with horrifying hair

horrifying hair costume Idea

Are you not getting what to wear for your Halloween festival? A slight change in your appearance can sometimes be enough to get uncanny look. Just focus on your hair. For £15 you will get thick, voluminous, dragged-through up do. It will hardly take 15 minutes to get that style. However, remember that you can lose them if you push it. You can also try another style. Just spray your hair with dry shampoo and crush it around with your fingers. The dusty grey streaks will give you a perfect Frankenstein look if you wear a black cloak.

Creepy clothes if it is too late

Creepy Clothes Idea

When it is too late to buy a Halloween costume, the clothes in your wardrobe are the best Halloween option. Get them out and find out what can serve your purpose. Do you have tattered jeans or a lumberjack shirt? Why not do something of it to get a spooky look? Grab a duster coat to get completely dressed up for your Halloween party. If you do not get any idea, wrapping yourself in a bedsheet will be enough to be a part of the paranormal world.

Owl costume

A mask of deadly beaded eyes of an owl will spread terror, a perfect theme for this Halloween. You can either order it online or buy from a fancy shop. You can also make it home.

Owl costume For Halloween

Trace a mask shape. You can get templates online or you can get them from shops. Cut out eye rings from felt of your favourite colour and then attach with stitch witchery. You can stitch rings with another fabric to create a decorative edge. Embroider around the felt with a blanket stitch to introduce more creativity.

Cut two triangles, not more than 2-inches, and sew them on top of the mask to create ears. Once it is done, sew a ribbon on the back of the either side to tie around the head.

Halloween Librarian costume

Statue of Liberty Halloween costume

If you do not want to look extremely horrific, a decent Halloween costumes are also available.  You will be surprised to know that a smart dressed librarian costume can also make you stand out among kids who will be wearing terrible masks.

Librarian costume for Halloween

Zombie librarian is a good option. You need some face paint, fake blood and talcum powder. Wear your librarian clothes and pour some dirt and fake blood over your face. Sprinkle talcum powder on your hair. Smear some blood across your lips to show gory appearance.

If you do not want to get into the hassle of arranging such things, a black sweatsuit, a floppy hat and a long piece of felt or a cloak will be enough to participate in your Halloween party. It will be attractive if you get black whiskers.

A black cloak with face paint

If you want a more professional scary look, this will be the best Halloween look for you. You do not need to go to an expert as you can get this look at your home. All you need to get this scary look are face paint, fake blood, white powder, and multiple colour eye shadows.

black cloak with face paint

Once you have got the necessary items, apply a white powder all over your face and mouth to look like a ghost and then apply black eye shadow to fill eye lids and dark circles. It will give your ashen look. Pour fake blood over your hair and spread it across your lips to get a gory look. After this, wear a black cloak and then you are all set to go.

Statue of Liberty Halloween costume

Statue of Liberty Halloween costume

Why stay limited to animals and fictional characters? For your kids, statues are also an ideal and fascinating option. You can buy such costumes online or you can make them at home.

Moose Halloween costume

Moose Halloween costume

Pleasing Halloween appearances will more attract your kids than gory ones. Dress them in brown and glue puffed gloves on either sides of the head to show it as large antlers.

Yarn Halloween costume

Yarn Halloween costume

Moms who love knitting do not need to spend money in expensive costumes as they can dress their kids by coiling threads around them.

The bottom line

If you want to look attractive in this Halloween festival, start preparations now. Aforementioned are some affordable costume ideas for kids. Do not let money stop you from enjoying this festival as you can borrow money at affordable interest rates. What are you thinking now? Get money and shop your kids Halloween costumes.

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