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Where should I go for a day trip?

London has always been the preferable choice of every travel lover. The moment we see the pictures of London it takes the breath away and even touch the heart too. It is one of the miscellaneous cultural hubs, which have been on the top rank places from years. The place offers some of the indescribable platters in terms of cuisines. In fact, in entertainment, trend and history, no one can beat the welcoming capital of the UK.

Sometimes if you want to please yourself, then you need to visit there so that you can actually feel the real beauty of that place. No matter in what mood you are, at the time you step on mesmerising places in London, you will automatically get a boost of happiness.

Traveling Is Worth More Than Money Will Ever Be

The time fresh breeze will go over from your ears, you will realise that your call was so right and will proud on your decision that you choose London to visit for holidays.

Now do not take stress if you are thinking that what are the best places to travel in a day as you are not the night party individual? So many people just want to enjoy the early morning sunrise and cold light wind. The cloudy and blustery atmosphere touches many people heart, so let us look at 10 places where you can actually relax and give your eyes a sense of relief that they wanted from a long time.


When you think to give your day a kick start with a seaside view then nothing can be the best option than whitstable. If you love a mug of coffee with your favourite book with some cheesecake and tarts then you must visit here.

Visit at Whitstable

In fact, rent a bike from whitstable, cycle hire place and pedal your way till seafront bay trail that is just miles away. No need to worry for the lunch as just go to oysters, natch and even watch them live fishing for you at the forge. Stays on the beach as long as you want even enjoy the sun set. 

  1. DEAL

It is not that much famous as compare to others but it is one of the most gorgeous places.  It has tidy rows of Georgian townhouses, quirky independents and thriving Saturday markets, deal ticks all the day-trip boxes.

Deal at london

Especially if you are one of the foodie people then treat yourself for the best lunch at 81 beach street or victuals & co, both are best you can go to anyone according to your choice of food. In fact, you can check out Parisian style bottle shop to stock up your goodies bag. You can buy some of the loving gifts for your family and love once that will make them happy.

  1. BATH

Is bath a day trip from London?

Bath is one of the good-looking towns in the west of London. It is famous for its natural thermal baths and attractive yellow stonework Georgian architecture. On the other hand, do not miss some of the places there that will take your heart for sure. Fix the time to visit Roman Baths, Bath Abbey and lastly end your day with going to café retro and have a little snack there with a strong cup of coffee, if you are not in mood to take anything heavy.

It is one of the most mesmerizing places that can make you feel good and loved. You will get to see some of the art work there that will make your heart beat count on the fastest track. Even the temples and museums give so spiritual feeling that you will lucky to visit. Moreover, the church is on the top of the places for that you need to climb a little but it worth going there totally. If you are the spiritual person and you love seeing such places, where you can wish and pray for your loved once.


Are you the one who love biking? Then this is the place for you to visit on Sunday. Start your trip from Richmond Park and pedal down past Hampton court it will not take more than 2 hours.

How long does it take to walk up Box Hill?

After that you enter into the next adventure with 1.6 mile climb and some hairpin bends, it is actually easy then  it sounds. The view is so loving that you won’t even realise the time.

Once you will reach on the top of the hill, you can give a reward to your eyes with the attention-grabbing view. After that, you must be feeling hungry so you can go directly to The Tree and grab any slice of cake. In fact, you can taste some of the fresh homemade pies and crumbles and it will activate your taste birds for sure.


Do you want to travel to a totally new place? Then Brighton is the right choice, as it is known for its own personality with grungy, creative and bohemian. It is often referred as London-on Sea that is because of the higher prices of the property there. You can just start your day from traveling to north line neighborhood, packed with pubs, cafes and theaters.

What are the best day trips from London?

Make your next move further to look forward into the lanes little more in south side to feel the great shopping experience. Even though, you can visit to array of bars and restaurants to taste some of the mouth-watering dishes. In fact, you will get the best vegan dishes for lunch nearby, without traveling a lot.


These glorious cliffs located within the downs national park are a series of chalk cliffs just like the white once of Dover. You can easily reach there without any stress. You can spend a beautiful day trip there as Seaford is the best known for the series of its eye-catchy view.

Are the Seven Sisters part of the white cliffs of Dover?

You will quickly recognize the place as it has been used for many TV and film production. It is one of the places to explore with family and friends. You can also treat yourself with seven sister country park on the way. There consists of a laid-back coastal trail. In fact, the weather will please you and the best time to travel there be spring. 


It is one of the places that are covered with all sides of forests and parklands, Leeds castle and the best part, which is must to see, is the lake in middle. You will see castle grounds with lakes and you can give yourself some ease in baille gardens.

Are dogs allowed at Leeds Castle? - No

After you will come back from the magic of 800 years old castle, just carry on the trip to iconic British site, the white cliffs of Dover. It is not that much far away from London, you can easily cover it in day and it is for sure worth going there as the view will take your breath away.


Are you planning a trip to London? Then you cannot miss to take the adventure of harry potter studio. It is a piece of one of the biggest motion picture phenomenon of the generation.

Is Harry Potter world worth it to visit? - Yes

The places where not just kids would love to visit in fact, age group of people will enjoy one. The view there is so magical that it can capture in anyone’s eyes for always. The trip can be little costly but if you are harry potter fan then it is worth to be explored.

You can see some of props and costumes from the film and some miniature models like Hogwarts castle that were used in making the film. In fact, you can take behind the scenes’ experience where you will feel that you are the part of the movie.

Moreover, you can enjoy the famous beer of there while taking the tour of the place and you can feel as a student of Hogwarts when you cross the roads. If you will go in winter time then you can enjoy the snow also.  

  1. RYE

It is a little town based in hills of South England. It is one of the places that have always been famous for its happy environment and people. The place is fully packed with history, you will feel that you traveled in past. In fact, the shops and stores always have the same type of the decoration and colour that remains you in the history.

Day Trip To Rye

Just grab some afternoon tea and a good snack there and walk around the place to give yourself a piece of mind. You can go with your partner also if you wish to spend some quality time. You can choose any place to sit, as the town is not that much big so everything is close to each other. The place can easily be covered by walking only. No need to borrow can bicycle. 

  1. Great Missenden, Buckinghamshire

Are you the village person? It is the best place for you with all gorgeous rolling paddocks, winding cobbled streets and quaint storefronts, then look no additional than enormous Missenden. It is one of the places that are fully surrounded by beauty of nature. It is close to a country side not at all far away from London.

Great Missenden

In fact, if you are the one, who loves reading novel, then you should know it was a home of famous author Roald Dahl. The place is already so loving in itself. It does not need anyone to tell its beauty. Just pack your bag packs, go there and give this place a day trip to explore all the area.

The bottom line……..

London is the most famous places and tourist attraction as well. Every person loves to travel there, as there are so many different places that can make anyone feel loved.

People love traveling to different places but when it comes to London, it can be a little expensive but the capital is worth to go, in all terms.

However, the choice is totally yours that where you want to travel and where not. Rest all these places are so beautiful that it can easily grab anyone’s eye.

Just pack your luggage with all those essential items. These you must be needed in the trip and fly to London.

Aaron Smith

Aaron Smith is a well known writer at British Lenders that is one the recognized direct lender of the UK. As an experienced Travel author, He has given all the information in detail, which can clear all your thoughts for London.

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